Socialist Studies, vol. 9, n.2. On Pacification

On Pacification, Socialist Studies, vol. 9,  n.2, Winter 2013, pp. 215.

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Mark Neocleous, George Rigakos, Tyler Wall, On Pacification: Introduction to the Special Issue.
Mark Neocleous, The Dream of Pacification: Accumulation, Class War, and the Hunt.
Tyler Wall, Unmanning the Police Manhunt: Vertical Security as Pacification.
Tia Dafnos, Pacification and Indigenous Struggles in Canada.
Adrian A. Smith, Pacifying the ‘Armies of Offshore Labour’ in Canada.
Aaron Henry, The Perpetual Object of Regulation: Privacy As Pacification.
Christopher McMichael, ‘Clearly Blown Away by the End of the Morning’s Drama’: Spectacle, Pacification and the 2010 World Cup, South Africa.
Sebastian Saborio, The Pacification of the Favelas: Mega Events, Global Competitiveness, and the Neutralization of Marginality.
Will Jackson, Securitisation as Depoliticisation: Depoliticisation as Pacification.
George S. Rigakos, Aysegul Ergul, The Pacification of the American Working Class: A Time Series Analysis.

Book Reviews
Patrice LeClerc, Metis in Canada: History, Identity, Law & Politics, by Christopher Adams, Gregg Dahl and Ian Peach.
Scott M. Aquanno, Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea, by Mark Blyth.
Elaine Coburn, L’avenir de l’économie, by Jean-Pierre Dupuy.